A friend of the Brainery: David Jennings



Name: David Jennings
Job: Chairman of Movers & Shakers
Relationship with the Brainery: Friend

What issues is the property industry facing?

The industry is going through massive change.  It is clear that technology will play an increasing part in the sector.  Offsite Manufacture, Modern Methods of Construction, will inevitably drive change in the industry and impact on the way we work, engage, design and deliver buildings.  This shift will be the catalyst for attracting more young people in property and construction and it is this new blood will enable even greater change, greater creativity, positively impacting the design of working and living places and in turn communities!


Why do you support Regeneration Brainery?

Making young people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, aware of the opportunities in property and construction is fundamentally important.  We need to open young minds to the possibilities and the value that our industry can deliver.  We need to demystify the process of learning skills, qualifying and getting jobs and building purposeful careers.


What makes Regeneration Brainery different from other mentoring schemes?

It puts real people, often public / private sector leaders, in front of young people.  It is simple, it is energising, it uncluttered and it is hands on.  It allows interaction and it demonstrates through shared life experience that people like them [young people] can get involved, can have a career, can succeed!


What do you think the Brainees get out of the workshops, site visits and mentoring sessions?

Clarity, on what the options are.  Understanding, of what can be achieved.  Motivation, by being able to visualise the end game. Confidence from learning from other peoples life experiences.  Hope!


How would the Brainery have changed your career path when you were younger?

It would have saved me 5 years of faffing around trying to work out what I wanted to do!


Any advice for future Brainees?

Always believe in yourself!  Avoid bullies!  Ignore idiots!  Listen to advice, but only from those you respect!  Have integrity!  Have fun!

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