Meet Lottie: Brainery Graduate 🎓

Name: Lottie

From: Nottingham

School: UWE Bristol

Studying: Real Estate

Aim: On a hunt for placements


Why did you want to do the Regeneration Brainer course?


I wanted to do the course because It’s something I’m interested in and I wanted to get connections, learn more about the industry.


Has this week been beneficial for you?


Oh, it’s been so beneficial, It’s been amazing actually! I’ve met so many people and learnt what I want to go towards in the industry, What I like, what I don’t like. It’s been really good!


As a women going into a male dominated industry has the course help inspire you?


Well we spoke to a few ladies. Alex Notay, who was amazing and doing so much with her life and obviously she’s a women in property with a really big personality. It’s shown me that everything is possible and given me confidence that I can be someone big in the industry, a male dominated industry. Having her speak was a highlight.

What was you favourite part of the week?


Hmm… I’ve love it all because I’ve talked to so many different people and experienced so many different things but I’d say that getting to talk to all the different ‘high up’ people in the industry and just being able to ask them the questions and get their contact. I’ve also really like the final day and getting to look around Bristol Housing Festival and seeing stuff for the future. It’s definitely hard to just point one thing!


Would you recommend the course to others?


Definitely, It’s an amazing opportunity! I’ll tell all my friends… I did tell all my friends, but they didn’t know much about it before, but now I can tell them first handed how it’s been.

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