Meet Raphaela: Brainery Graduate 🎓



Name: Raphaela


Age: 19


Studying: Urban Planning at UWE

Why did you want to do the Regeneration Brainery?


I wanted to do this course because in year 9 I had an interest in architecture and from then on I discovered that there’s more in the sector then just architecture, even until today I’m still learning how many areas there are. I am still not completely sure where I really want to be part of. I find it all very fascinating and this course is helping me decide because it’s showing me more of the industry.


Has the course been beneficial for you?


This week has helped me a lot in finding out more about what each profession is about and also allow me to see how the skills I am learning at uni are applied nowadays. I’ve also got a bigger idea of how women in construction are growing so fast, in my class there’s only 4 girls. So things are changing, it’s good that we are seeing a lot more women in the sector. It also helped me open my eyes to more options and it might not be Urban Planning that I want to do, but maybe surveying as well.


What has your favourite part of the week been?


I’d say my favourite bit was when Rachel Bell gave a talk and also when we met Alex Notay because both of them gave a very inspirational talk. I also felt something familiar about them and it was very interesting because Rachel is an architect and that was originally the first sector I wanted to be in, and I just felt that it was a reminder that I was in the right direction.


Would you recommend this course to others?


Yes, I would definitely recommend to others because its very helpful, you meet other people and the site visits were very different to ones I’ve been on before because I’ve actually been able to see the different stages, usually when I go to site visits with my university the sites are completely finished and its very brief. So ye, it think it is really really good, I’ve had fun and I think other people would also enjoy it because its very eye opening.

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