A message to students, graduates and career starters.

We’ve recently had some of our young adults get in contact as they were worried about their future, so we want to let you all know not to panic.

Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy is more important than anything. This, in time, will be just a blip in your education and careers. The entire world is in the same boat, so don’t be worried about being left behind.

The economy will recover, everyone will go back to school, college and university, and job roles will open up again. We know this because people are resilient and resourceful. It’s time to show a bit of that positivity and determination that we’ve talked about on our CVs and UCAS submissions.

If you’re currently studying, this doesn’t void any of the work you’ve done. The decision-makers in education will be figuring out the best way to keep you all moving forward. If you’ve been interviewing and made an impression, don’t worry – they’ll have kept your details on file to contact you at a later date (this is something we’ve seen happening).

Being part of the property industry, we can see it’s tough. But we can also still see all the opportunities. There will still be apprenticeship opportunities and companies are going to want to return to normal as everything settles down. After an event like this, the country always comes back stronger. The demand for new roles might be quiet at the moment, but the need is always going to be there. Which is why we’ll be coming back bigger and stronger to help you find those opportunities.

We also know that the way people work has now gone through a fundamental change, with remote working and a genuine focus on wellbeing. This will affect the property industry in ways that we haven’t yet understood. Because of this, we’ll need new ways of thinking and new ideas – a place where young adults like you, with a fresh perspective, will thrive.

We’re here for you so please keep in touch. If you’re a young adult and worried about your career or future, whether you’re one of our Brainees or not, please feel free to contact me at judi@regenerationbrainery.co.uk.

Stay safe.

Judi Greenwood
Director of Operations
Regeneration Brainery

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