Melanie and Pippa go to university

We are delighted to have encouraged two Sheffield-based Brainees to pursue a career in architecture with Pippa Frazer and Melanie Ho recently securing places at Liverpool and Lancaster universities.

Both Brainees took part in Sheffield’s 2019 Brainery and both have taken part in Regeneration Brainery’s summer 2020 Our Future programme, interviewing industry leaders Nick Walkley from Homes England, Louise Wyman from Manchester City Council and Ged Couser from architecture practice BDP.

Melanie’s plans were shaken by the A Level algorithm grading which meant that she initially missed out on her place at university. She showed grit and spoke to universities with the same calmness with which she conducted the interviews and even before the regrading, she had secured a place at university.

Melanie said, “I decided to become an architect after attending the Brainery. I liked how developers and architects sometimes use things from the past in new buildings. In one development in Sheffield the developer found an air raid shelter under the area they wanted to build on and so they used parts of it in its new building.”

Pippa said, “When I attended the Brainery I learned about the number of different professions involved in a build. I was surprised that there were so many different. It was good to learn about them and I confirmed that my future is in design.”

The Brainees we’ve worked with over the last three years are worried about the impact Covid19 has had on their future.

They asked Ged Couser, “As an employer, do you promise to always remember when looking at our CVs that the Government and Covid 19 impacted on our future?”

They worry about finding placements and jobs at the end of a long course of study, asking Louise Wyman, “Will we still need architects in five years’ time?”

And they asked Nick Walkley, “Should we be worried about our futures.”

Judi Greenwood, Operations Director at Regeneration Brainery said,

“We are so proud of Melanie, Pippa and all of the Brainees who received their GCSE and A Level results. The passion the Brainees show at our regional Braineries is incredible. If we can channel it into the property and construction industry we will have a strong future. If we   can’t, we’ll lose it to other industries. We’re grateful to all of our supporters who are helping us to bring these diverse talents into the industry.”

Regeneration Brainery is grateful for mentors like Nick and Louise who support young people as they make career choices. We also work with corporate supporters including Homes England, DLA Piper, Lambert Smith Hampton, Capital & Centric and Movers & Shakers to provide structured programmes.

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