Becoming a Brainee

What can I expect?

Regeneration Brainery aims to show you just how different careers in the property industry can be. In our varied programme, you will work on group projects, listen to mentors and visit offices and sites.

What's in it
for me?

A fun week of learning about property and the build environment, but the benefits don't stop there. Along with learning about the industry, you will be able to network and connect with industry leaders. Who knows, maybe you'll be their boss one day!

The cherry on the cake? The experiences you have won't look too shabby on your CV either.

Class of 2017

This gorgeous group completed Regeneration Brainery 2017, congratulations team!

Graduate Club

We don't like saying goodbye to our Brainees, so we have created a graduate club to keep in touch. Hear about opportunities and future events from our mentors and trustees, as well as keeping in contact with the other Brainees.

Becoming a Brainee

If you've got this far then clearly something about Regeneration Brainery has got you thinking. We will work to find a career in property that's right for you.

We need you to keep the property industry young, fun and exciting!

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