“I wanted to be an architect
but now I want to be a property developer”

We're going places!

We've got loads planned for 2022
and can't wait to show you all around the industry.

London we're coming

See you in London 11-15th July.

If you apply now, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Who is it for?

If you're a school leaver or at university you are perfect for the Regeneration Brainery. Our aim is to guide people who don't know what they want to do within property or in general. There is a place in property for everyone!

What can I expect?

Regeneration Brainery aims to show you how diverse careers in the property industry can be. In our varied programme, you will work on group projects, listen to mentors and visit offices and sites.

What's in it
for me?

A fun week of learning about property and the built environment, but the benefits don't stop there. Along with learning about the industry, you will be able to network and connect with industry leaders. Who knows, maybe you'll be their boss one day!

The cherry on the cake? The experiences you have won't look too shabby on your CV either.

Meet Aliza

Aliza was an original Brainee who came to us convinced she was going to be an architect. However after spending a week with us she was drawn in by other areas of property and regeneration and left wanting to be a property developer!

Graduate Club

Once you graduate you’ll also be able to gain access to our secret graduate club where you get exclusive access to work experience, apprenticeships, internships, jobs and other opportunities.

Becoming a Brainee

If you've got this far then clearly something about Regeneration Brainery has got you thinking. We will work to find a career in property that's right for you.

We need you to keep the property industry young, fun and exciting!

 Take the leap